Sunday, May 5, 2013


I have worked in sales.... FMCG sales, to be precise. Every kind of sales has its own rules but FMCG sales is the most coveted of all. Thats why I had to specify.
I just realized that there are no (or very few) blogs which prepare (actually prepare) you for a career in sales. No... this is not like 'Earning the laundry stripes' where a woman described her stint in sales in HUL. The intention is not write this from a gender perspective even though that will come in ... since I'm a female.
The sales experience is cherished one... every hardship goes into making who you are... it is also a badge of honour... not everyone lasts in sales... and nobody understands the business better than a sales person (definitely not marketing). Don't believe me? Most FMCG companies insist on a sales experience for marketing... let me correct that... all GOOD FMCG companies insist on a sales experience for marketing. Some organizations have a sales stint for every department... finance, marketing, HR, supply chain. It is may or may not be vice versa.... A sales person may or may not get exposure to other departments.
So, here goes. This is what it is all about. Throw your text books aside... 1 day on the field is equivalent to 5 years of reading text books (and even then it may not be enough).