Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day Zero

I had signed a slip after I was selected. The offer letter was to come later.

Reality: The offer letter arrived 15 days before I was to join the company. Thinking back now it is a scary thing... so many things could have gone wrong. Such things happen, even if rarely.

After 2 months of awesome holiday at home, I geared up to join my 1st job. I packed everything remembering below conversation:

During interview:

Me: Sir, which location will I be placed at? My parents would like to know this

Branch Manager of North and South (a legend): Well, initially we will send you to difficult markets like Assam, J&K etc

HR female giving him warning looks.

Me (thinking- I will not ask any more questions... I am scared to find out more)

Parents reaction at the answer: Can't you find another job???

Me: You are joking right? Jobs don't just hang from the tree.

My parents and brother came all the way to Gurgaon to drop me. It sounds ridiculous now 'coz none of the other Management Trainees' had their parents drop them for their first job. It wasn't weird then... I was used to my parents dropping me everywhere.

We drove to the guesthouse which is in a posh area of Gurgaon. I would love to buy a flat there someday. It was a 4 bhk with a caretaker. There were 9 others with me.... 4 Punjabis, 1 Mallus, 1 Tamilian, 1 Marathi, 1 Bengali, 1 from UP and me. 3 from SCMHRD, 2 from NMIMS, 1 from SIBM and 2 of us from TAPMI.

8 of us were staying at the guesthouse and we discussed the people who interviewed us... our colleges... some gossip ... etc.

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