Saturday, June 22, 2013

Down Memory Lane


A new world beckons

Tom I leave for the unknown... have had to pack my luggage without a clue as to where I will be, for how long and doing what... I hate to leave... home is such a good place, the most difficult decisions of my day have been what to cook for lunch/dinner... And as things started getting exciting (with bro's JEE and AIEEE pouring in) I have to leave.
Mom has been cracking jokes about how she is losing 3 maids (me)... and bro is going to miss my laptop. Kya ajeeb log hai!!!
Cheers to a new life and good-bye to the old one... no matter how it turns out, I know I will survive

SUNDAY, JUNE 10, 2007


Hi... I am sorry for the silence. It is very much unlike me. I have joined work... which involves travelling... after a week of induction at Gurgaon, I am in B'glore for 4 days and then off to one of the Southern states for 2 months of sales stint.

Tom is my B'day and I had been praying I would not sent to a rural area atleast for that day. Last year on 11th June, I was on the train from Chennai to A'bad. The best part of the day was when I reached home a few minutes before midnight. I promised myself I would make up for it this year... don't see that happening. No problem, I will have the gr8test b'day ever next year.
Do you remember about the time you learned to swim? The water seemed scary, didn't it? You were worried about how cold it would be... wat did you do then? Just closed your eyes and jumped into the pool? Thats wat the last few days have been like. Before leaving, I was freaking out... just wanted to run away (always feel that way before beginning something new)... but then I took the plunge... 


Current location: Chennai
Arrived on: 15th June
Duration of stay: 2 weeks
Next destination: Madurai

Weather: Pleasant... humid... (it rained the day I arrived. God is gr8!!!)
No of friends here: None
No of aquaintances here: Not sure

Work timings: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (excluding time spent commuting)
Time spent commuting: 2 hrs (approx)
Office: hahaaha!!! The market is my work place.
Dress code: A conservative as possible... it doesn't help that my skin color makes me stand out anyway (A shopkeeper asked the salesman if I am a foreigner... yeeks!!!)

Food: Strictly South Indian... North Indian food is quite bad out here.
Nuisance: Auto-walas and lecherous men (Thankfully, I don't speak a word of Tamil)
Language: Use sign language to communicate... my Tamil is limited to "cheri" which means "ok".... and "ille" which means "yes" or "no"... I am not sure which.

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2007

I wish...

  • People would stop talking to me in Tamil after knowing that I don't speak the language
  • People would not call me once I am asleep... catching up on sleep in the distributor's office is very unprofessional
  • The weather would stay this pleasant
  • I would not have to fight with the auto-walas morning and evening
  • The Punjabi dhaba would cook some authentic Punjabi food (minus ants in the lime juice and plus some spices)
  • Men would stop staring at me when I am in the market supervising the saleman
  • I could watch a movie
  • I could go home

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2007

Non-conversation material

Some incidents that can only be felt (since they don't make gr8 conversation material)

  • Working in all sorts of places: slums (mostly), posh areas (rarely)... meeting people from all walks of life
  • Watching a kid sail a paper boat in the puddle of rain water (One of my fav activities as a kid... had even tried to fish with a stick and rope in a pond)
  • The distributor leaving the office in the rain to offer you a lift to the bus/auto. I was touched. 
  • Women in the slum gheraoing you (like they do to foreigners) and trying to communicate in Tamil while you reply in English
  • Having your close friend as your neighbour all over again
  • Dressing in your worst (the rains soiled my formals on the previous day)... and your boss decides to accompany you to the market.... IN HIS FORMALS... eeekss!!!
  • Trying on all the pretty clothes at your fav store (Wills Lifestyle)... but buying nothing... I always do that... 
  • Detailing your day's events to the Known Stranger (known as K.S, henceforth)... over dinner on the roof-top restaurant while it is raining. 
  • Watching with glee as your bro gets ready to join college (switching to lens, shopping for clothes, gyming, getting a weird hair-cut)... the golden days
  • Craving for Pav Bhaji

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